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From the desk of:
Brent Finlay
Business Financing Specialist

If you’re a Canadian based business looking for Specialty Truck financing for new or used equipment then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

We arrange specialty or vocational truck financing for owner operators, new businesses, well established truck and service companies.

The financing can be for one unit or several. There is no limit on the amount of financing we can arrange and we can also work with most credit profiles.

So even if you have bad or bruised credit, there is still a good chance that financing can be arranged.

The terms specialty truck and vocational truck refer to any type of truck that provides a specific type of service.

This is in contrast to a highway tractor that is generic in design and can be connected to a wide range of trailer types.

Examples of trucks that we arrange equipment loans and leases for include, but are not limited to the following:

Highway Trucks

Box Trucks

Boom Trucks

Garbage Trucks

Dump Trucks

Bucket Trucks

Well Drilling Trucks

Food Trucks & Trailers

Fire Trucks

Refigerated Trucks

Utility Trucks

Lunch Trucks

Concrete Trucks

Crane Trucks

Mechanic Trucks

Water Trucks

Vac Trucks

Pumper Trucks

​​​​Fuel Delivery Trucks

Street Sweeper Trucks

Stone Slinger Trucks

Rock Trucks

Tow Trucks

Hot Oil Trucks

If you’re looking to finance a truck that’s not on this list, we would still like to hear from you.

Basically as long as there is a resale market for the truck, it can likely be financed.

On the flip side, a truck customized for a highly specialized that is not common in the market place will be difficult to finance.

Here Are The 4 Most Common
Specialty Truck Financing Requests

Vendor Financing.  In this case, a vendor or dealer calls us up to get assistance arranging financing for one or more of their customers looking to purchase equipment from the vendor or dealer.

Truck Acquisition.  Here, a business owner or manager calls us directly to get financing arranged for specialty or vocational trucks they want to acquire.  In some cases, the business owner or manager already has a quote in hand is looking to see if they can improve upon it.

Truck Refinancing.  Business owners or managers inquire about freeing up cash from the equity they have in owned equipment through equipment refinancing through loan or sale and leaseback transactions.  There are also situations where a truck may have an end of term balance that needs to be refinanced.

Truck Financing Alternatives.  When a business has failed to secure financing on their own due to some sort of financial or credit distress, they will give us a call to seek out financing and leasing alternatives that can meet their financing requirements.

If one or more of these scenarios describes your situation, then I suggest that you give us a call at 905 690 9874 to get a no cost, no obligation Specialty Truck Financing Quote.

As I mentioned above, regardless if you have a quote in hand or have had no luck in locating truck financing, we still highly recommend that you give us a call so we can see if we can assist you with your financing requirements.

Application And Funding Process

The application process is fast and very straightforward.  Most approvals are secured with 24 to 48 hours.

The rates and terms we provide are very competitive and we work hard at customizing your truck financing to meet your cash flow, tax planning, and balance sheet management.

For a simple purchase of one or more units, the process from start to finish typically takes 4 to 5 business days.

When the financing request is more complex, then additional time will be required to get a loan or lease in place.

As I mentioned earlier, you are under no obligation to accept any quotes or approvals we provide to you.  Once you accept an approval we immediately start working towards getting the deal funded and the equipment into your hands so you can put it into use.

For seasonal businesses, seasonal repayment terms can also be arranged to better align your debt repayment with your cash flow.

So if you need Specialty Truck Financing right now, or have some finance related questions you need answered, give us a call today at 905 690 9874 and we’ll get all your questions answered right away.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Take Care

Brent Finlay
Business Financing Specialist
Burlington, Ontario

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For more information on the Canadian Trucking industry, go to http://ctea.ca/